Vote Better - Proportional Representation for Us

UPDATE (06/02): The Liberals just to agreed to give up their majority on the committee that will study voting reform!

The Liberals had originally given themselves the majority of seats on their proposed voting reform committee. Now the committee that will pick our next voting system will include five Liberals, three Conservatives, and two NDP MPs. Plus, the Greens and Bloc will each get one seat, and everyone will get a vote.

This is big news. It means that no one party can control the process of picking a new voting system - and at least two parties will have to cooperate to pick the best system for Canada.

Now that we have a process that's more fair, we can keep working on getting a system that makes every vote count.

Our best shot at getting a fair and proportional made-in-Canada voting system is still to show Prime Minister Trudeau that people across Canada are calling on him to put forward legislation in the spring that would make every vote count.

The Vote Better campaign is about bringing those people together to speak up for “made-in-Canada” proportional representation.

Canada is one of the only modern democracies that still uses “first-past-the-post”. Most, including the Scandinavian countries, use some form of proportional representation.

With “made-in-Canada” proportional representation we can have:
  • Fair elections where every vote counts
  • Inclusive government that represents our diversity and a majority
  • Strong democracy that can make real progress on the challenges of our time

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals made a promise to make every vote count. Please use this tool to join thousands calling for proportional representation that will make the next election more fair.

Get involved!

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Call on PM Trudeau, Minister Monsef and your MP to support proportional representation and make sure every vote counts in the next election.

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